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Abominação no Lugar Santo by Tom Chapman + [R.I.P]

Os amigos leitores de língua portuguesa poderão conferir uma futura tradução, por hora publicamos o artigo do falecido amigo, valoroso fiel católico, no seu idioma nativo.
Dear Tony,
There follows a summary describing the takeover of the Catholic Church by the Illuminati. This is part of a document which we presented to members of the Chinese Underground Catholic Church on our secret mission to Beijing in 1999. The purpose was to convince them that they were being betrayed by John Paul ll as he officially recognised the Chinese Government’ s Patriotic Church at the expense of true Underground Catholics who were being exterminated by China’ s communist government.
For the record, I am Curator of Britons Catholic Library and former editor of the Catholic Crusader newspaper.
Any queries please contact me.
Tom Chapman  + [R.I.P]
With the overwhelming evidence now available it should come as no surprise to Catholics, or for that matter non-Catholics, that the Catholic Church has long been taken over by the Illuminati.
Since 1958 the whole structure of the Cathlolic Church’ s teaching has been amended and distorted in order to reflect the protestations of Masonry.
One only needs to read the The Broken Cross written by the late Piers Compton, former literary editor of the weekly Catholic newspaper the Universe, to realise that in 1958 Pope Pius Xll’ s so-called succesor Angelo Roncalli, John XXlll, was indeed a Freemason who had been initiated into the Rosicrucian Order, the Temple of the Knight and the Rose, during 1935 whilst acting as Apostolic Delegate in Istanbul.
This act automatically excommunicated Roncalli from the Catholic Church which would have rendered his election to the Papacy in 1958 as completely null and void as only a Catholic can be elected Pope. These facts were later to be published in the Portuguese ‘ O Dia’ newspaper on April 27th., 1994 in an article written by Robert Begin who was himself a self-confessed Mason. As the scourge of Masonry enveloped whole nations, not of least of all by manipulation of the money power, so the penetration by its members within the Catholic Church’ s hierarchy gained place.
Roncalli’ s so-called election to the Papacy in October 1958 was also clouded in mystery. The 200,000 people gathered in St. Peter’ s Square to await the outcome of the vote by the Conclave of Cardinals cheered when white smoke was seen floating from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel signalling that a Pope had been elected. However, their joy was short-lived as minutes later black smoke appeared signifying that a new Pope had not in fact been elected. Later on in the day white smoke again appeared and it was announced that Roncalli had in fact been selected to takeover the leadership of the Catholic Church.
It is now public knowledge that the first plumes of white smoke arising from the Sistine Chapel signalled that the devout and traditional Catholic Cardinal Siri had in fact been elected as Pope. This fact has been attested to by Malachi Martin S.J. who at that time was confidant to the notorious Mason Cardinal Bea. Shortly before he died Martin went public and confessed that he was responsible for acting on behalf of B’ nai B’ rith, a secret Jewish organisation, when threatening to expose members of Siri’ s family who were involved in large scale fraud concerning Italy’ s construction industry unless he was prepared to stand down as the elected Pope. Towards the end of his life in New York Martin returned to his Catholic Faith and publicly expressed his deep sorrow and regrets at having cooperated with B’ nai B’ rith in the overthrow of Cardinal Siri.
Roncalli adopted the name of a previous anti-pope John XXlll who was evicted from the Vatican in 1410 AD. He was soon to set the scene for the near total eclipse of the Catholic Church by fullfilling the prophecy of the Masonic Lodges of Italy published in 1845 in the Alta Vendita, a document produced by the Carbonari as the Supreme Directory for all Italian Secret Societies. It proclaimed to its members that Catholics would one day march behind the banners of masonry thinking they were marching behind the Keys of Peter and that control of the Church would be established by means of an ecumenical council.
Obedient to his lords and masters Roncalli summoned the Second Vatican Council in October 1962. It was this council which was to enshrine the gospel of Robespierre and Voltaire, that of atheistic revolution, at the heart of apparent Catholic teaching.
Nowhere were the enemies of the Churh more successful than in their victory proclaiming and installing the rights of Religious Liberty at the centre of the Second Vatican Council’ s teaching. The schema, Religious Freedon, which in essence places error on an equal footing with truth, embodied this preposterous idea, which had been condemned by the infallible teaching of the Church not least of all in Pope Pius IX’ s Bull ‘ Quanta Cura’ in 1864. In fact that section of the Bull condemning the notion of Religious Liberty was not surprisingly expurgated from the preparatory documenta of the Council. In addition to its declaration on Religious Liberty the Council also produced several gems of anti Catholic teaching including heretical documents on Divine Revelation and salvation outside of the Church. In total, during its three year history the Council promulgated 18 heresies which had been condemned infallibly by previous Popes.
Roncalli’ s successors have all affirmed the heretical teachings of the Second Vatican Council thereby placing themselves outside of the Catholic Church. Under Church law they have been ipso facto excommunicated, that’ s if they were ever Catholics. And it becomes even more apparent that they never held the Catholic Faith when you couple this to their honouring of the Occult by displaying Satanic symbols on their travels including the ” all seeing eye ” and the ” broken cross” and John Paul ll’s acclamation during his visit to Benin in 1993 that Voodooism ” contains the seeds of the Word ” ( referring to the Word of Almighty God ). And let us also not forget that they fulfilled Daniel’ s prophecy that the ” Continual Sacrifice ” of the Catholic Mass, which was continually at any given moment celebrated throughout the world, would be abolished when they replaced it with their abominable Novus Ordo service contrived with the aid of six Protestant ministers.
In the temporal order Catholicism has virtually been eradicated. As one of the arch conspirators, Cardinal Lienart, exclaimed moments before his death ” ….. humanly speaking the Church is dead ”. The new religion established by the Council quickly allied itself to the high temple of interantional Freemasonry the United Nations. Even during the Council Ronacalli’ s successor Paul Vl made a pilgrimage to New York to pay homage to the ‘ All Seeing Eye ‘ at the UN’ s headquarters. This visit was no doubt in gratitude to B’ nai B’ rith, the founding fathers of the UN, who were directly responsible for organising the installation of Roncalli in the Vatican.
In addressing the assembly he re-echoed the sentiments of his predecessor, John XXlll, by saying ” … The people turn towards the United Nations as their last hope of concord and peace…….convinced as we are that this organisation represents the obligatory path of modern civilisation and world peace…”. Such a statement is completely anathema to the Catholic mind which believes that no body or organisation other than Jesus Christ and His Church on earth can bring true peace. It is a grotesque thought that the Catholic Church would support an organisation which provides billions of dollars to countries throughout the world, including China and India, to indulge in forced abortion, sterilisation and artificial contraception amongst their peoples. And remember, China has been responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of Undergound Catholics who stand four-square against the evils of Communism. Couple this to the UN’ s imposition by mandate of acceptance by its member states of perverted sexual acts and one begins to realise the evil intent of the anti-Popes spawned by the Second Vatican Council. Let us also not forget that Roncalli and his successors have all advocated a system of one world goverment under the auspices of the UN.
The late Karol Wojtyla, who under the title of John Paul ll, illustrated his adherence to one world government by his regular publicised Vatican meetings with B’nai B’rith and his close association with the top brass of the Trilateral Commission, which he publicly acknowledged in 1983. But let us allow Professor Robert Muller, the then Chancellor of the United Nations University for Peace, to sum up the esteem in which Wojtyla was held by his Masonic masters of the New World Order: ” Ecumenism is outmoded now. We must now move towards universal government, which will soon see the light of day, and under the impetus of John Paul ll, who would be honoured if he gave the Church this programme”.
Without doubt the prophecies made by the Mother of God at La Salette, France in 1846 and at Fatima, Portugal in 1917 that Satan would one day takeover the Vatican have been accomplished. But let us all not be too downhearted because at Fatima she said that one day a true Pope would be returned to the Chair of Peter and the world would be granted a period of peace. And also remember that at Fatima as proof that she had appeared on six separate occasions to three peasant children she brought about the Great Miracle of the Sun witnessed by over 70,000 people including journalists from all over the world and also nearly 200,000 people in the nearby town of Santarem. 
For further evidence regarding the infilitration of the Illuminati into the Vatican I would recommend the following publications:
Title                                                                                        Author                                     Publisher
Fatima and the Abyss                                              Arai Daniele                             Edicoes, Excelsior, Sao Paulo
Peter Lovest Thou Me                                        Abbe Daniel Le Roux                 Instauratio Press
Judaism and the Vatican                             Count Leon de Poncins              Londons Britons Publishing
Freemasonry and the Vatican                    Count Leon de Poncins              Londons Britons Publishing
The Rhine Flows into the Tiber                    Ralph Wiltgen S.V.D.                Augustine Publishing Company
Christ Denied                                                      Rev. Paul A. Wickens               Firinne Publications
The Broken Cross                                                   Piers Compton                          Neville Spearman Ltd.,
The Prophecies of Pope John XXlll                      Pier Carpi                                Italian Press Publications

6 Respostas para “Abominação no Lugar Santo by Tom Chapman + [R.I.P]

  1. Thomas dezembro 23, 2011 às 5:18 am

    The election of Cardinal Siri, 1958 video with the famous white smoke.

  2. Thomas dezembro 23, 2011 às 10:22 pm

    Did Malachi Martin admit somewhere that he helped B’nai B’nirth overthrow the election of Cardinal Siri?
    I’ve never heard that before.

  3. Thomas janeiro 13, 2012 às 3:20 am

    Hello, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me more about Malachi Martin’s saying that he helped overthrow the election of Cardinal Siri. My e-mail

    • Gary Giuffre fevereiro 4, 2012 às 3:12 pm

      MM admitted his role in the overthrow of Giuseppe Siri as Supreme Pontiff by revealing that he had translated the note that was brought into the 1963 Conclave and given to Siri to force him to step aside for Montini’s “election” the next day. Martin’s admission was tape-recorded and a transcript of it was published together with his signature in the French book, “Eclipse of the Church?”, by the “Friends of Christ the King”, in 1996. During that interview Martin affirmed that, “Siri was elected twice in his old age”, that is, instead of Luciani and Wojtyla. Then finally, during 1997 or ’98, a second tape-recorded and later-published interview with MM, Martin admitted that Siri had already been elected pontiff in1958, as well as 1963. But again, Malachi repeated his lying mantra that Siri had “refused” his election both times due to threats against his family. MM’s consistent misrepresentation on this crucial point was to maintain the cover-up of the punch-line to the entire narrative, namely, that the Synagogue of Satan actually wanted Siri to accept his election at all four conclaves at which he he was canonically chosen to head the Church. This was to preclude any possibility that the four stooges who had been pre-selected each time by the B’nai-B’rith to usurp the Chair of Peter would ever receive the guidance of the Holy Ghost in their pronouncements on matters of faith or morals. That Siri or someone else did in fact accept election after the fourth ballot of the first day of the ’58 Conclave, the definitive moment of continuity in the transfer of papal succession from Pope Pius XII to the next valid and lawfull pontiff is supported by the appearance of white smoke (recorded by movie and still cameras) before 300,000 witnesses and by the announcement of Vatican Radio that a pope had indeed been elected, which was heard worldwide and was repeated by the international secular radio and television media at the time.

      Gary Giuffre

  4. w$p1erajmy abril 10, 2013 às 3:49 am

    Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact was a amusement account
    it. Look advanced to more added agreeable
    from you! However, how can we communicate?

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