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The FUTURE of the WORLD: Islam Welcomed by Con-ci-liar Felons (convicted liars)

Bergoglio ramadan

Arai Daniele

English transl. by Zoltan Batiz

Islam is a religion that arose in the Middle East in the seventh Century. Since then it has grown more than the others, mainly because of its belligerent attitude.

Its recent worldwide advance can also be imputed to the decline of Christianity.

To those who say the decline of Christianity is largely due to the contradiction between the Faith and the modern mentality rooted in the progress of science and technology, a proof to the contrary is the propagation of Islam, which caters nothing to the modern mentality in any field whatsoever. Therefore, the real cause of the ailment of Christianity that is lasting for centuries is something very different.

This ailment is the result of the war waged by the gnostic and agnostic intellectual world, some beliefs propagating through violence, but also of some anti-Christian philosophies and policies.

All this had not shaken the strength of Christianity until the fifties. But as this deaf or open warfare which is secular and has not prevailed, the cause of this new victory is an elimination of Christianity´s defenses in our very times. Through a new and perverted public education the manipulators created a void in the religious consciousness of Western man, a void to be filled by other faiths and ideologies. This has occurred in the Western Christian world with the increasing desecration of everything. But all of this still wasn´t enough.

Finally, after the 2nd World War and the Americanization of Europe, everything worsened also within the bosom of the Church with the emergence of the “spirit of Vatican 2”.

Note that this desecration did not occur where Islam dominates. It is a trend of “self-destruction” that characterizes the “conciliar spirit” packed in deranged utopia of reconciling the world and the Church, by updating the latter to the freedoms and “human rights” imposed by the revolutionists of the Enlightenment.

Pius XII in his encyclical “Humani Generis” and then in his discourse “Vous avez voulu” of 1955 denounces the contamination of the modern mentality by “gnostic tendencies, that are false also because they are spiritualist and puritanical. These gnostic tendencies have also prevailed among the Jesuits, as Fr. Ennio Innocenti writes in his extensive work , «La Gnosi spuria» Città Ideale, Siena, 2013, vol. II – Theology and Gnosis – pp. 565 ss.

The encyclical of Pius XII points out the underlying causes of the sophisticated principle called “return to the origins”, but he stated in no uncertain terms that the target of the attack was the Magisterium of the Church and Her authority besides her fundamental theology, origin of which was charged in an excessively derogatory tone of being «manualistic» … based on a «leonine neo-Thomism», because it was promulgated during the pontificate of Leo XIII.

In this sense, the prelate, who in his words and deeds most fixedly followed this error was Joseph Ratzinger, who, as a prominent member of the Roman Curia, was actually elected «pope». His «administration» was characterized precisely by promoting what he considered a «necessary» opening of the Church to the two-century-old progress of enlightenment!

And then follows his most ridiculous and perfidious preaching to Muslims of this «need», as we see in his Christmas address of 2006 (22:12):

  • «In a dialogue to be intensified with Islam, we must bear in mind the fact that the Muslim world today is finding itself faced with an urgent task. This task is very similar to the one that has been imposed upon Christians since the Enlightenment, and to which the Second Vatican Council, as the fruit of long and difficult research, found real solutions for the Catholic Church. It is a question of the attitude that the community of the faithful must adopt in the face of the convictions and demands that were strengthened in the Enlightenment. On the one hand, one must counter a dictatorship of positivist reason that excludes God from the life of the community and from public organizations, thereby depriving man of his specific criteria of judgment. On the other, one must welcome the true conquests of the Enlightenment, human rights and especially the freedom of faith and its practice, and recognize these also as being essential elements for the authenticity of religion. As in the Christian community, where there has been a long search to find the correct position of faith in relation to such beliefs – a search that will certainly never be concluded once and for all -, so also the Islamic world with its own tradition faces the immense task of finding the appropriate solutions in this regard. The content of the dialogue between Christians and Muslims will be at this time especially one of meeting each other in this commitment to find the right solutions. We Christians feel in solidarity with all those who, precisely on the basis of their religious conviction as Muslims, work to oppose violence and for the synergy between faith and reason, between religion and freedom. In this sense, the two dialogues of which I have spoken penetrate each other. »

Isn´t all of this crystal clear? A peaceful Islam should mimic the council and have its own Vatican 2, a sort of Mecca II to open up to the liberal values of the philosophy of the Enlightenment! Such a process could even be beneficial, but for radically different reasons than the ones presented by this anti-Christian ecumenical leader: for his motivation is the elimination of Christianity’s defense.

Manifest in this speech Benedict 16 is the venom of Vatican 2, which either implicitly accuses Catholicism of inaction against the injustices that only the Enlightenment could solve, or forces the Church to adapt to what she always condemned as anti-natural and revolutionary. But this is not the full picture, he insinuates that Islam religion can live side by side with Catholicism as if they were sisters!

To sum up the present situation, before describing what Islam has always been, we quote St. Thomas: the war against the Church of God -waged by the world, the flesh and all the infernal powers- is always the same. The only novelty in our times that is due to the conciliar antichrists is the elimination of the defenses of the Church, totally eroded due to the presence of these enemies, whom this messy world accepts as catholic popes of the apostolic Rome. The hard cold fact is that while they are recognized as apostolic authority in Rome there can be no real resistance, which would be poisoned at its very root.

Today the masses, dumbed down by the ecumenical conciliar pill, sleep the sleep of unconsciousness before the growing global threat of Islamic scourge. Who will wake them in up in the middle of this great apostasy? It seems that only a major tragedy and disgrace could do that.

St. Thomas speaks of Islam and the wisdom that leads to a large-scale conversion to the Faith. And reading his Chapter VI of Book I «Summa Contra Gentiles» we see how the Master so nicely illustrated a religious truth that has full historic relevance today. Following his usual method, he first talks about what leads to the desired conversion of people.

«This wonderful conversion of the world to the Christian faith is the clearest witness of the signs given in the past; so that it is not necessary that they should be further repeated, since they appear most clearly in their effect. For it would be truly more wonderful than all signs if the world had been led by simple and humble men to believe such lofty truths, to accomplish such difficult actions, and to have such high hopes. Yet it is also a fact that, even in our own time, God does not cease to work miracles through His saints for the confirmation of the faith. (Perhaps this is the only statement of the Saint that does not apply in today’s historical reality of general apostasy, of «antichrists in the Vatican ».

However, the inventors of false religions followed the opposite path, as it is obvious in the case of Muhammad (founder of Islam): believers of Islam are entirely ignorant and brutal men, fully devoid of the divine doctrine, who forced others to believe by violence of arms.

«Muhammad seduced people with promises catering to carnal desires (even in his final goal: a paradise of virgins), motivating those driven by lust (concupiscence);

-He also formulated precepts conforming to these promises, releasing thus the brakes that retain the appetites of the flesh.

-In addition, he did not testify to the truth, save the facts that can be easily recognized by natural reason of any minimally competent mediocre.

-Besides, he mixed some fables and falsehoods with the elementary truths he had taught.

-He did not show any supernatural signs either. Now, there’s only one way that can one ascertain whether or not he was divinely inspired: through supernatural signs that cannot be explained otherwise.

-But Muhammad has proven to rely on the power of arms, which are also signs of the thugs and tyrants.

-Moreover, from the beginning, wise men, knowledgeable of divine and human things, did not accept his doctrine.

See the Boko Haram in Nigeria -

– Therefore only men brutalized in the desert and totally ignorant of divine doctrine have followed him. However, such was the crowd of men who coerced others by brute force to obey their law.

– Finally, none of oracles of the prophets who preceded him bore witness of him, since he adulterated just about all facts of the Old and New Testament with fables.

– All this can be confirmed by studying their law. This way it is also why, quite cunningly, he forbade his followers to read the books of the Old Testament, lest he be accused of distortion.

– Therefore it has been well established that they those who accepted his doctrine believed frivolously” (St. Thomas Aquinas,” Summa Contra Gentiles “Book I, Chapter VI).

Boko Haran

Conclusion about the future of Islam

Since every man aspires to true happiness, which even Islam envisions in the afterlife, and given that to accomplish this God the Father created us in His image and likeness, as people who can understand and act with intelligence and free will, the solution to the ills of this world is the conversion to the Truth revealed by Him.

One can see, therefore that the only solution for this world is the exact opposite of what the false pastor and false christ Benedict 16 preaches: “It is, rather, the attitude that the community of the faithful [to Islam] should take towards the convictions and demands they profess”… not towards the Enlightenment but the Catholic Church. It is only in her that fruits of a tiring pilgrimage on the paths of truth are harvested, which led to specific solutions for all societies at all times, to «this wonderful conversion of the world to the Christian faith is the clearest witness of the signs given in the past; so that it is not necessary that they should be further repeated, since they appear most clearly in their effect.» Yes, but when will people finally – following God’s mandate – anatemize the false christs and false prophets who proclaim this other gospel of damnation. These false christs, with their false conciliar doctrines, deliver the peoples to destruction in this world, denying the need for conversion of every man to the one true Faith.

Appendix to follow: the 6th Chapter of Volume I of “Summa Contra Gentiles”.

Caput 6, Chapter 6.

  • Quod assentire his quae sunt fidei non est levitatis quamvis supra rationem sint    THAT TO GIVE ASSENT TO THE TRUTHS OF FAITH IS NOT FOOLISHNESS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ABOVE REASON
  • Huiusmodi autem veritati, cui ratio humana experimentum non praebet, fidem adhibentes non leviter credunt, quasi indoctas fabulas secuti, ut 2 Petr. 1-16, dicitur.
  • Haec enim divinae sapientiae secreta ipsa divina sapientia, quae omnia plenissime novit, dignata est hominibus revelare: quae sui praesentiam et doctrinae et inspirationis veritatem, convenientibus argumentis ostendit, dum ad confirmandum ea quae naturalem cognitionem excedunt, opera visibiliter ostendit quae totius naturae superant facultatem; videlicet in mirabili curatione languorum, mortuorum suscitatione, caelestium corporum mirabili immutatione; et, quod est mirabilius, humanarum mentium inspiratione, ut idiotae et simplices, dono spiritus sancti repleti, summam sapientiam et facundiam in instanti consequerentur.
  • Quibus inspectis, praedictae probationis efficacia, non armorum violentia, non voluptatum promissione, et, quod est mirabilissimum, inter persecutorum tyrannidem, innumerabilis turba non solum simplicium, sed sapientissimorum hominum, ad fidem Christianam convolavit, in qua omnem humanum intellectum excedentia praedicantur, voluptates carnis cohibentur et omnia quae in mundo sunt contemni docentur; quibus animos mortalium assentire et maximum miraculorum est, et manifestum divinae inspirationis opus, ut, contemptis visibilibus, sola invisibilia cupiantur.
  • Hoc autem non subito neque a casu, sed ex divina dispositione factum esse, manifestum est ex hoc quod hoc se facturum Deus multis ante prophetarum praedixit oraculis, quorum libri penes nos in veneratione habentur, utpote nostrae fidei testimonium adhibentes.   [1] Those who place their faith in this truth, however, “for which the human reason offers no experimental evidence,” do not believe foolishly, as though “following artificial fables” (2 Peter 2:16).

For these “secrets of divine Wisdom” (Job 11:6) the divine Wisdom itself, which knows all things to the full, has deigned to reveal to men. It reveals its own presence, as well as the truth of its teaching and inspiration, by fitting arguments; and in order to confirm those truths that exceed natural knowledge, it gives visible manifestation to works that surpass the ability of all nature. Thus, there are the wonderful cures of illnesses, there is the raising of the dead, and the wonderful immutation in the heavenly bodies; and what is more wonderful, there is the inspiration given to human minds, so that simple and untutored persons, filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit, come to possess instantaneously the highest wisdom and the readiest eloquence.

When these arguments were examined, through the efficacy of the abovementioned proof, and not the violent assault of arms or the promise of pleasure, and (what is most wonderful of all) in the midst of the tyranny of the persecutors, an innumerable throng of people, both simple and most learned, flocked to the Christian faith. In this faith there are truths preached that surpass every human intellect; the pleasures of the flesh are curbed; it is taught that the things of the world should be spurned. Now, for the minds of mortal men to assent to these things is the greatest of miracles, just as it is a manifest work of divine inspiration that, spurning visible things, men should seek only what is invisible.

Now, that this has happened neither without preparation nor by chance, but as a result of the disposition of God, is clear from the fact that through many pronouncements of the ancient prophets God had foretold that He would do this. The books of these prophets are held in veneration among us Christians, since they give witness to our faith.

  • Huius quidem confirmationis modus tangitur Hebr. 2-3 quae, scilicet humana salus, cum initium accepisset enarrari per dominum, ab eis qui audierunt in nos confirmata est, contestante Deo signis et portentis et variis spiritus sancti distributionibus.         [2] The manner of this confirmation is touched on by St. Paul: “Which,” that is, human salvation, “having begun to be declared by the Lord, was confirmed to us by them that hear Him: God also bearing them witness of signs, and wonders, and divers miracles, and distributions of the Holy Spirit” (Heb. 7:3-4).
  • Haec autem tam mirabilis mundi conversio ad fidem Christianam indicium certissimum est praeteritorum signorum: ut ea ulterius iterari necesse non sit, cum in suo effectu appareant evidenter. Esset enim omnibus signis mirabilius si ad credendum tam ardua, et ad operandum tam difficilia, et ad sperandum tam alta, mundus absque mirabilibus signis inductus fuisset a simplicibus et ignobilibus hominibus. Quamvis non cesset Deus etiam nostris temporibus, ad confirmationem fidei, per sanctos suos miracula operari.   

[3] This wonderful conversion of the world to the Christian faith is the clearest witness of the signs given in the past; so that it is not necessary that they should be further repeated, since they appear most clearly in their effect. For it would be truly more wonderful than all signs if the world had been led by simple and humble men to believe such lofty truths, to accomplish such difficult actions, and to have such high hopes. Yet it is also a fact that, even in our own time, God does not cease to work miracles through His saints for the confirmation of the faith.

  • Hi vero qui sectas errorum introduxerunt processerunt via contraria: ut patet in Mahumeto qui carnalium voluptatum promissis, ad quorum desiderium carnalis concupiscentia instigat, populus illexit. Praecepta etiam tradidit promissis conformia, voluptati carnali habenas relaxans, in quibus in promptu est a carnalibus hominibus obediri. Documenta etiam veritatis non attulit nisi quae de facili a quolibet mediocriter sapiente naturali ingenio cognosci possint: quin potius vera quae docuit multis fabulis et falsissimis doctrinis immiscuit. Signa etiam non adhibuit supernaturaliter facta, quibus solis divinae inspirationi conveniens testimonium adhibetur, dum operatio visibilis quae non potest esse nisi divina, ostendit doctorem veritatis invisibiliter inspiratum: sed dixit se in armorum potentia missum, quae signa etiam latronibus et tyrannis non desunt. Ei etiam non aliqui sapientes, in rebus divinis et humanis exercitati, a principio crediderunt: sed homines bestiales in desertis morantes, omnis doctrinae divinae prorsus ignari, per quorum multitudinem alios armorum violentia in suam legem coegit. Nulla etiam divina oracula praecedentium prophetarum ei testimonium perhibent: quin potius quasi omnia veteris et novi testamenti documenta fabulosa narratione depravat, ut patet eius legem inspicienti. Unde astuto consilio libros veteris et novi testamenti suis sequacibus non reliquit legendos, ne per eos falsitatis argueretur. Et sic patet quod eius dictis fidem adhibentes leviter credunt.           

[4] On the other hand, those who founded sects committed to erroneous doctrines proceeded in a way that is opposite to this, The point is clear in the case of Muhammad. He seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh goads us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected, he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity. He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the contrary, Muhammad said that he was sent in the power of his arms—which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning, Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Muhammad forced others to become his followers by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on the part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimonies of the Old and New Testaments by making them into fabrications of his own, as can be. seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place any faith in his words believe foolishly.


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