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  • “Fatima is the piercing cry of a Mother who sees her children at the brink of an unfathomable abyss.”(Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon D. Manuel Gonçalves Cerejeira, Marian Congress, Madrid, May, 1948 

The event of Fatima, in the Christian modern era, is the extraordinary event that is, at the same time, the most marvelous and the most misunderstood. When the world entered the catastrophic period of two world wars and the heinous onslaught of communism, claiming tens of millions of victims, Almighty God in His mercy performed a great miracle and offered to bring about an amazing conversion of a powerful empire in order to spare humanity from a self-destruction process.

The offer of divine help was in response to the Church’s prayers called for by Pope Benedict XV, the Vicar of Christ, who carried the responsibility to guarantee the Catholic faith, which is essentially a faith in divine in­tervention on Earth.

Yet the offer was declined.

Today, after that period of catastrophic violence, we live amidst the moral and religious squalor caused by the world’s tragic contempt for the faith; a faith which is itself threatened with annihila­tion at the hands of its materialistic and modernistic enemies.

The Secret of Fatima, as a prophecy of peace and salvation for our time, is always an appeal to this faith and a warning of what can be expected as a consequence of a spiritual blindness which re­fuses its only remedy: conversion to the rule and love of God.

My book on Fatima in Portuguese with the title “Between Fatima and the Abyss”, (“Entre Fátima e o Abismo”, T. A. Queiroz, S. Paulo) was edited in 1988 in Brazil and intended to make people aware of the close connection between History and the Faith, which Fatima represents and which awareness is required in order to pull the world back from the abyss of a moral disaster and a religious deceit.

It was my intention to show how the Fatima proph­ecy is in the line of all biblical prophecies, from the book of Genesis to that of Apocalypse; from the original revolt against the divine mandate given to Adam and Eve, until the final masonic ecumenical revolution.

This blend of secular and religious ideas to replace the law of God in the human conscience should be seen as the Revolution par excellence, the one that resumes all the others, aiming at the radical autonomy of consciences from the Creator’s Word and at the elimination of the divine authority on earth, acted in the Christian era by the Pope.

This is the mystery of iniquity, which was in force from the begin­ning, but bound by the power of the natural and divine Law. With the escalade of human iniquity (MT 24, 12), however, the Pontiff’s power was upset (ib. 29) and its key used to open the pit of all liberties (Ap 9, 1).

My book was translated in English, but it still wait for an Editor. In it I recall the basic confrontation of Revolution to Prophecy, of Masonry to the Church, of Satan to Our Lady but all this has a root in a much deeper and obscure conflict. This conflict is almost forgotten nowadays, it is between the conscience righteously formed by the Word of God, and the idea of a false “righteous conscience” guided by its own good will.

This freedom of conscience to judge what must be the truth and the good was breathed from the beginning by the wicked seducer: “Ye shall be like gods, knowing good and evil” (Gn 3:5), and is today whispered by Masonry, as the very solution for peace on earth, on the plan for a new world order. Here, therefore, is the premise of the great apostasy in which we are living today.

John 23 was elected pope to install a Vatican 2 project of peace depending on that masonic plan which, based on men’s dignity, proclaims the freedom of conscience. This is the very idea inspired by the spirit of Vatican 2’s revolution, which Paul 6 concluded with inconceivable sympathy for the cult of man; for a “religion of man made god”; man judging with free conscience, good and evil.

Could the Third Secret of Our Lady not reveal, in its allegorical “elimination” of the Catholic pope, the climax of this revolution to demolish the Holy See? The fact is that this dire “spirit” has been ruling the Vatican after the death of Pius XII.

Too many things have been changed in the Church, and in the world, after 1958: deception was multiplied everywhere.

In 2000 John Paul 2º decided to have the entire “Secret” published. For this, my book in English comes now as a replication and as a new version from the original published in Portuguese. Replication, because it is always dealing with the same historical war between Revolution and Prophecy; new version, because it up-dates this primordial conflict in connection with the third part of the Fatima Secret. The reason is simple: human history is written by a rebellion that has grown in a revolution always aiming at the abolition of God’s authority on earth, in His Son, in His Vicar, in His prophets. The only change is the obscure way to perpetrate this. In this book I expose why I believe the «Third Secret» published by the Vatican is authentic; question already exposed in this same blog:


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